Alfa Laval’s ORCA series needed a technical update and DIS was called in.


When Alfa Laval’s ORCA series needed a technical update, DIS was involved to give the series a more modern and contemporary design.

The design was developed by DIS’ consultants in close cooperation with Alfa Laval’s R&D team. It was important to keep the design simple and allow for a flexible, integrated wiring el-cabinet as well as allowing for production, assembly and operational maintenance.


Freshwater is one of the main utilities required on board any offshore facility. Alfa Laval provides a range of solutions for converting seawater into freshwater. The ORCA series are vacuum vapour compression water makers that are simple to maintain and compact to install in any offshore facility.


Alfa Laval has created heat transfer, separation and fluid handling technologies for more than 125 years. Alfa Laval’s products and solutions are used in areas such as food, ware supply, energy, environmental protection and pharmaceuticals.