When Amcor needed to assure quality in the pressure control valve for the packaging of a coffee container, DIS’ VISION competencies were put to the test.


Amcor had the following specification requirements for the solution:


  • The system should not delay the laminate production. The laminate moves at 80m/min. and it was expected that the system could move up to 150 m/min., equivalent to about 25 valves per second for one track. (There are 6-10 lanes).
  • The system should be implemented in the current laminating machine and should not complicate the servicing of the machine.
  • The system should be easy to operate.
  • The system should store data for quality assurance in a database along with information about the laminate.


DIS’ solution was a VISION-system, which was developed, designed and implemented from scratch. Two cameras are now feeding a central PC with the necessary images and data that set off an alarm in case of fluctuations in the production. In addition, the operator has the ability to make manual checks and accurate measurements directly on a monitor.


The solution therefore minimises the waste of the expensive laminate as it immediately alerts the operator in case of any inaccuracy. Finally, the solution ensures that the values built in to the laminate meet the specifications and documentation of quality is saved for both internal and external use.


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