Development of new agricultural machinery.


Kongskilde A/S is globally known for its red agricultural machinery. Kongskilde works closely with DIS on the Danish, German and Polish markets to optimize production efficiency and also to develop a number of new agricultural machinery.


The collaboration was based on former positive experiences.

I have previously collaborated with DIS and my previous experiences were such that I wanted to introduce DIS to the company,” says Ole Gade, who in early 2014 was hired as new CEO of Kongskilde A/S; a company that develops machinery and equipment for the agriculture industry.


Kongskilde needed a faster and more efficient development and production process to reduce the time-to-market factor, thus enabling Kongskilde to bring new products to the market faster. DIS has, as facilitator on some of the projects, helped to find several areas where improvements could be made to increase the efficiency and also reduce some costs.


It has been a very constructive cooperation and DIS has the volume and the skills to help a company like ours,” says Ole Gade.